Why You Need A Padfolio

Why You Need A Padfolio - cossini

You may have seen a pad folio before but never exactly knew what is it for or what is its purpose.


So.. what is a Padfolio and why do you need one?


An essential piece that must be in every professional’s wardrobe, a pad folio is a hybrid of a briefcase, a binder, and a wallet. It lets you organise all your important papers, as well as other important things like a phone, tablet, business cards, and more — all while looking sleek and professional.


So.. when is it useful to have a Padfolio?


1. Art School

For all art majors out there, a padfolio comes handy for keeping all those sketches and not wrinkling them in your bag. It keeps the papers straight so you’ll never have to turn in a wrinkly art project anymore.


2. College

For all other majors, keeping all your notes neatly organised in one place, where your pen is, will be of great advantage especially during those busy midterms


3. Job Interviews

Complete your professional attire during a job interview with a padfolio. This may be the digital age, but some companies still require a printed CV, so be sure to keep it in your padfolio.


4. Business

Keep all the checks and receipts within reach in a pad folio. Good thing that this Cossini pad folio come with a calculator too for whenever you need it.